Review: The Sins that Bind Us by Geneva Lee


Reviewed by: Hilary
Rating: Nothing less than 5 beautifully broken stars for The Sins that Bind Us.

The Sins that Bind Us left me emotionally raw. Geneva Lee has reached in and gripped my heart with both hands squeezing every emotion from me.  I had to take the night to try to compile my thoughts, and I hope that I can convey them in a way that will do this book justice because it is absolutely fantastic.

A story of facing addiction, whether personal or otherwise, The Sins that Bind Us will leave you reeling. So many people deal with the situations depicted in this novel on a daily basis and Lee tells it how it is, leaving no ugly stone unturned: Guilt, self-depreciation, sorrow, loss.

Our heroine is working on building a safe and stable home for her and her son when Jude Mercer comes in like a storm. All tattoos and bad boy air of cockiness. But when his heart of gold starts shining through, he becomes more than any woman can resist. He isn’t a man one forgets. Ms. Kane has a true battle of the wills to fight, and while she is strong-willed and determined, I’m not sure it is a battle she will win…at least in the way she wants.

Lee has given us some expertly crafted and complex characters to fall in love with. But more than that, she has written this story so well that the reader feels like they are living within the pages of this novel—no matter how ugly and raw that may be.

The Sins that Bind Us is a brilliantly written story of second… and third… chances at life, love and happiness.

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. *

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