Review: Tyrant by Nashoda Rose

Tyrant (Scars of the Wraiths #2)Tyrant by Nashoda Rose

Review by Tessa.

Well deserved 3.5 stars!

This story is unique, interesting, angsty, and I found myself needing to know how it ended.

Once again, there are many different players in this book and many get their own point of view. The transition between the different voices and characters helped keep my attention. It was almost like reading a book within a book, but the inner-book just added to the main plot.

This book focuses on the relationship between Kilter and Rayne. Kilter is brash, distant and broken from his past. After finding a savior, Rayne has to decide if she wants to survive and, if so, how to move forward after an abrupt turn of events.

Both Kilter and Rayne are very much broken in their own unique ways. Finding how their broken pieces fit together just might be what saves them both.

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