Review: Reveal by KM Golland


Reviewed by: Hilary
Rating: 5 Dirty Dancing and Impeccably Witty Stars


Male Dancers, Professional Sexters, and stalkers! Oh my! Reveal is mouthwateringly dirty, witty and addicting. Golland brought me to tears of laughter with her impeccable wit, and left me panting with her ridiculously scorching scenes.

Em is everything you want in a heroine: sexy, sweet, downright hilarious and down-to-earth. While to the outside world she is carefree, her inner demons spoke to me in a way that I can’t truly explain. She is honest, raw and just trying to get through each day. One day at a time.

“Some days, I don’t know if I am weak or if I am strong, whether I’ll break or stand tall, whether I’ll fight or fall. Some days, I just…don’t know.”

The way that Golland writes her characters makes them relatable to the reader. That is just one quality that makes her writing great. While you expect a funny and sexy story from this author, you should know that her characters are so tangible that you will fall for them, hard, and feel like they become a part of you.

Brad, oh Brad. What isn’t there to love? A sweet and cuddly teddy bear wrapped in a sinfully delicious package. A true gentleman on the streets, but sex god in the sheets. I am overjoyed that we got more of this character.

Reveal will speak to you on many levels and leave you asking, “When do we get more?” And “Who will be next?” Will it be our yoda speaking, naughty Twin? The young, yet hung like a stallion, dancer? Or one of the others? I just can’t decide. All I know is I need more of KM Golland’s words, and as soon as possible.


**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

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