Review: Kissed by Reality by Carrie Aarons

Kissed by Reality Cover.jpg

Kissed by Reality by Carrie Aarons
Release Date: April 11th, 2016
Reviewed by: Hilary
Rating: 5 Purely Addicting Stars

Addicting doesn’t even begin to describe this book. The pages simply turned themselves.


Leighton Aldridge is a reality show starlet looking for her second chance at love. After letting the Hollywood powers that be ruin her first shot at happily ever after, she is back in their clutches and prepared to fight for what is rightfully hers. To the outside world, Leighton is beautiful and flawless, just as she has perfected over the years—to Leighton, she is doing everything she can to hold it together.


Finn Wyatt is America’s Heartthrob, Mr. Right, and war hero. Honesty and integrity make up his character. Tight corded muscles and sex appeal drip from his being. What more is there to ask for? Women fall for him wherever he goes, but the only problem is he can’t get a darked haired beauty out of his head. What Afghanistan didn’t tarnish, she did.


Kissed by Reality will capture your heart. Aarons does a fabulous job bringing the reality TV world to life and sets the scene perfectly. The main characters will intertwine themselves in your being and the secondary character are the perfect undertone that makes the storyline one that will keep your attention glued to the screen. The great attention to detail lifts the story off the pages and brings them to life.  Heartache, lust, jealousy—Kissed by Reality has it all.


** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

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