Review: The Bet by JD Hawkins

The Bet.jpg

The Bet by JD Hawkins
(Formerly Brando Parts 1 & 2 with added scenes)
Release Date: April 4th, 2016
Reviewed by: Hilary


Dear ALL THINGS HOLY! I’m gonna need a minute—or 100. Phew!

Ok, I’m going to cut to the chase first thing and say, READ THIS BOOK! This is a fresh, sexy duet that will leave you breathless and smiling ridiculously. I could not have cheered for a couple any harder.

There was begging and pleading for a “Brando book” when we all finished Insatiable. What I just read exceeded my expectations—Not just exceeded– blew them out of the water.

JD added a great depth to the playboy from the Bronx we met in Insatiable. He made you fall in love with the boy he was and the man he grew to be, even with his womanizing history. Under all of that sex and bravado there is a real, genuine, and even sweet man. A man, who once he wakes up and realizes what is in front of him, is a woman’s dream. I absolutely loved the vulnerability the author brought to this character. It was a real, raw depiction of heartache, desperation and acceptance. This author is ridiculously talented and leaves me in awe time and time again.

As I read, I felt a sense of anxiety; I wanted to devour the story. There is no way to not WANT to read this book once you crack the cover. You know that something big is going to happen and it is going to blow at any time, but, like any perfect train wreck, you see the signs, you know it is coming, and there is absolutely no way to not watch and absorb everything going on.

This book is perfection. From the musical references that tie in masterfully to the plot, to the sexy, slow seduction between these two unsuspecting characters, Brando is a must read!

5 SHOUTING from the roof top stars for this magnificent compilation. As always, I am eager to see what JD cooks up next.

**This book in a compilation of Brando Parts 1 & 2, which I have previously read and reviewed. **

** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

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