Review: Rootbound (Larkspur #5) by Shannon Mayer

Rootbound (The Elemental Series, #5)Rootbound by Shannon Mayer
Review by Tessa .

Nothing is what it seems in Rootbound (LarkSpur #5). This remarkable story has so much going on. Lark begins her journey of self acceptance all the while on a voyage to retrieve the stones given to the leaders of the elements in the previous books. While on her journey, Lark discovers who she can trust, learns who she should trust, and with a giant twist that left my head spinning who the real bad guy is. Along with all of that Lark has to figure out how to balance the power that surges through her before she is consumed by it.

“The Sylph named you right, Destroyer. But in destruction is new life. Remember that, if you remember nothing else.”

Shannon Mayer’s ability to build worlds and people with the ever shifting growth and loss allowing the characters to be relatable is phenomenal. As this story book progresses and grows and ends, I found myself in awe at how perfectly set the stage was left for the story to continue.

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