Review: Man Candy by Melanie Harlow


Reviewed by: Hilary
Rating: 5 Sexy, Funny and Unforgettable Stars

Man Candy by Melanie Harlow
Release Date: June 20th


Are you ready to meet your next unforgettable, swoon-worthy book boyfriend?! The answer should be emphatically YES!!! Quinn Rusek has captured my heart and ran away with it.

Sexy, funny and addicting, this new romance from the amazingly talented Harlow will leave you looking for a Quinn Rusek of your own. He is a book boyfriend you need to have in your life, as much as it pains me to share him.

Quinn Rusek is an Adonis. Truly! He is a male model looking for the ‘more’ in life and heads home to Detroit in search of his ‘more.’

Jaime is a twenty-something woman who has a successful career, great friends and a guarded heart. She keeps her iron-clad rules in place to keep her from being hurt, but when a ghost from her past moves into the flat below hers her rules and walls are tested.

Man Candy brought me to tears. I just adore these characters. As with all of Harlow’s novels, the characters are so real. Flawed and fabulous, they show us the true sides of romance. Not the fairy tale kind of love—you know, boy meets girl, they instantly fall in love and never part—No, this story shares insecurities and flaws along with the hopes and dreams. The beauty with the evil beast of doubt and fear of losing one’s self.

I adore the humor that brings this story to life; grabbing hold of the reader and making this novel so hard to put down.

Do yourself a favor and one-click this book ASAP. You will not be disappointed!

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

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