Review: Pamela by Shannon Mayer

Review by Tessa

5 stars isn’t enough!

How far would you go to save the ones you love?  Trust? Fight? Kill? Sacrifice? Run off to be taught by a self-proclaimed “bad guy”?

“Elementals are not known for being straightforward. Most have ulterior motives and it’s only at the end of whatever they are trying to do that you understand the full situation.”

The above quote from Pamela is a great way to describe this beautiful maze Mayer has created with the Rylee books.  The ability to weave so much emotion and story into these pages is nothing short of magic!!

Pamela has been broken and alone for far too long.  Even when she’s found her safe place, her home, her tribe, her pack, she still has doubts where she belongs.  After abuse and loss,  it’s very difficult to trust that those around truly mean you no harm, but Pam is working on that.  In her very own story, we get to see Pam in all her magnificent, wonderful, and selfless  power.  We get to see her struggle to overcome the most impossible quests set in her path.  We also get a more complete story of what Pam had to go through while she was coming into her power, before she was saved by Rylee.

More so, we get to hope her heart and soul have what it takes to survive what’s to come.

Once I started this book, there was NO way I was going to be able to put it down.  This book touched my heart in a way a story hasn’t been able to in a VERY long time.  I started crying at about 49% in;  by the time I was 96% in I was in full blown ugly cry.  And when all my reading devises died…I died a little too.  Then I found a charger; thank the earth!

This book is captivating, exceptional, and staggeringly well built!  The stitching is so well done the seams between the Rylee books and the Elemental Series flows so naturally.  I have no idea how she keeps all these interweaving story lines in her head, but I’m damn glad she does!



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