Cover Reveal: You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico

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You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Publishing Date: September 10, 2019

Cover Designer: Najla Qamber, Najla Qamber Designs

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Sydney Evans is no stranger to hard work. It’s the one constant in her life. And with no family or friends to speak of it’s been easy to pour everything she has into her career as general counsel for Blackstone Holdings. 

She wants for nothing. Until her boss offers her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All she has to do in return is marry his good-for-nothing son.

Scott Blackstone used be a party whore. Pardon, party animal. He hasn’t been that guy in a long time though. Not since he moved to Wyoming, bought a failing cattle ranch, and turned it into a profitable business. 

All is good. Until a phone call from his father threatens the quiet, simple life Scott’s built. Marry or lose everything. And to a woman who can’t stand him, no less. Well, Scott is not going down without a fight. He’s never going back to Manhattan. Not if he can help it.

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About P. Dangelico:

Dangelico loves romance in all forms, cuddly creatures (four legged and two), really bloody sexy pulp, the NY Jets (although she’s reconsidering after this season), and to while away the day at the barn (apparently she does her best thinking shoveling horse crap). What she’s not enamored with is referring to herself in the third person and social media so don’t expect her to get on Twitter anytime soon. Oh, and although she was born in Italy, she’s been Jersey Strong since she turned six.

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Release Blitz: Southern Gentleman by Jessica Peterson

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Southern Gentleman, an all-new full length standalone contemporary romance by Jessica Peterson is LIVE!

COVER .jpg

I know two things when I meet my new boss, Greyson Parker Montgomery III. 

One, he’s an egomaniac. 

And two, we’re going to get naked.

Something I didn’t know? That I’d end up pregnant.

No one is more surprised by our off-the-charts chemistry than me. I’m a free spirit with a passion for design and a taste for the bohemian. Greyson is a cocky venture capitalist who’s as pretentious as his sharply cut power suits.

He owns half of Charleston, and has the other half at his beck and call. But the only place he owns me is in bed…or in the backseat of his car, boneless and begging for mercy. 

We argue over contracts and costs all day long. Behind closed doors, however, we engage in a different kind of business. The kind that has me surrendering to his unique brand of dominance.

Our no-strings attached arrangement suits me just fine. Until I wake up one morning with what I think is a wicked hangover.

Only it’s not a hangover.

I thought Greyson was a typical “greed is good” grump. But when he demands to be involved in the life we accidentally created, I start to see a different side of him. One that’s more gentleman than jerk.

Am I crazy to think we could be a family together? Or is making me fall for him just another one of his power plays?

A stand-alone, contemporary romance.

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About Jessica:

Jessica Peterson writes smart, sexy romance set in her favorite cities around the world. She grew up on a steady diet of Mr. Darcy, Jamie Frasier, and Edward Cullen, and it wasn’t long before she started creating irresistible heroes of her own. She loves strong coffee, stronger heroines, and heroes with hot accents.

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband Ben and her smelly Goldendoodle Martha Bean.

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Blog Tour: Million Dollar Marriage by Katy Evans

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Million Dollar Marriage by Katy Evans

Release Date: July 23, 2019


Million Dollar Marriage, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by Katy Evans.

If someone had bet Nell a million dollars that she would be saying “I do” to a complete stranger on national television, she’d have called them crazy, but with her crushing student loan payments sending her deep into the red, she’s out of options. This should be nothing more than a business transaction—until she sets eyes on her groom, and everything changes.

The game is on the instant Luke spots Penelope “Nell” Carpenter. He’s out for the money, yes, but getting a little dirty with Nell doesn’t sound too bad either. Everyone knows he’s not the marrying kind, so it’s a good thing it’s just for show. God knows he’s the worst guy his pretty wife should pick for real.

They have nothing in common, but if they want the grand prize, they’ll have to beat out eight other couples. Proving that total opposites attract should be easy enough…as long as they don’t fall in love in the process.

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     I’m going to lose my lunch. 

     It’s the live finale the entire country has been waiting for. The arena is packed to the gills with reporters, cameras pointed at us. Flashbulbs go off, and my future seems to flash through my eyes with them. 

     Everything depends on what will happen in the next hour. We could give our answer in a split second, but not now. I know the announcer will drag things out to the point of sheer madness. Recaps of poignant moments from the season, interviews with contestants, performances by “special celebrity guests” who are also fans of the show. 

     It’s all meant to build up to the moment of truth. Every one of the people in this arena, every one of the thirteen million people watching at home—they’re all waiting on the edge of their seats with the same question. 

     Will they . . . or won’t they? 

     I wish to god we could just give our answer and be done. 

     He’s so close, but he might as well be a million miles away. Our fingers entwined, he waves at the crowd cheering our names. His hand isn’t the least bit clammy. I manage a peek at him, his chiseled features, his relaxed smile, and my throat catches. 

     No wonder the world is in love with him. No wonder he’s been the fan favorite since week one. 

     This is it. The end. Or . . . 

     I look over at him and say, “Luke . . . I’m not . . .” 

     He shakes his head almost imperceptibly. “It’s okay,” he murmurs, his fingers stroking my palm. “Breathe, Penny. Just breathe.” 

     So I do. But air is not the only thing I need to make me okay right now. 

     We’ve been through so much, more than most couples will go through in entire lifetimes. 

     And now we’re about to make the decision that will shape our future. 

     To think, seven months ago, I didn’t even know Luke Cross. Three months ago, I despised him. But somewhere along the line, things changed. 

     Somewhere along this crazy little adventure we’ve been having, played out on television for the entire world to see, I did what I told myself I’d never do. 

     I don’t even know how it happened, but as I look back, it seems so inevitable. Like I couldn’t have stopped it, even if I’d tried. 

     But just because it was meant to happen doesn’t mean it will last forever . . .

About Katy: 

Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 9 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world. 

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Blog Tour: All Roads Lead to You by Jennifer Probst

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All Roads Lead to You by Jennifer Probst

Release Date: July 23, 2019


All Roads Lead to You, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.

Happily single, Harper Bishop trusts in only one passion—her rescue farm and healing her thoroughbred, Phoenix. Her dream is to lead him to the Triple Crown. But how unreachable is it without experience or help? A handsome new guest at her family’s B&B has what it takes to make it come true. And with his irresistible brogue, warm smile, and soothing touch, he’s a major distraction.

After a bitter betrayal, horse trainer Aidan O’Connor has fled Ireland for a vacation in New York’s Hudson Valley. When he sees the horse with the fighting spirit he’s inspired with a new goal: to train Phoenix to win. He’s also facing an unexpected new challenge: his feelings for Harper. 

How can she dare to open her heart to a man who’ll only be there long enough to break it?

So Harper and Aiden agree: try to keep it professional, and focus only on Phoenix and the finish line. But along the way they could also learn a few lessons in love, trust, and taking chances. And as painful as it promises to be, saying goodbye.

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     Ignoring her tingling nipples and flip-flopping belly, she threw back her shoulders and rose to full height. “I clearly remember having this same conversation a few weeks ago,” she said, trying not to let her voice wobble. “We agreed to keep it strictly business.”

     “We did. But it’s getting harder for me not to touch you.”

     Her heart galloped in her chest. Sweat pricked her skin. She remained silent, tangled between her head and her heart.

     A rough laugh escaped his lips. “This would be easier on my ego if you’d admit you’re having the same problem.”

     She shook her head and pressed her fisted hands against her eyes. “You sure don’t know the art of subtlety, do you?”

     He shrugged. “No time for that shit. Well?”

     She let out a half laugh, half groan. “I think this is the strangest conversation I’ve had with a man.”

     “Are you hot for me, Harper?” His voice was all grit and gravel and sexy as hell.

     Lust speared through her, raw and hungry and demanding. “Yeah.”

     “Good. I’m obsessed with kissing you. So I have a proposal.”

     “Of course you do.”

     “One kiss. Let’s try it out. Maybe it’ll bomb once we give ourselves permission,” he said.

     “I’m swooning from your romantic intentions.”

     His lips kicked up in a grin. She wanted to trace her finger over his mouth to see if it was as soft as it looked. “Sorry. What do you think?”

     “I think I’ve stepped into a new dimension. Tell me this, Irish. Do we want the kiss to bomb?”

     He nodded. Eased closer. “I think it would be for the best. Neither of us wants a complication in our solid business partnership. We have a long road ahead of us. Sex makes things messy.”

     Her brow shot up. Oh, he was good. Pretending to be all rational and cool while he stalked her like a graceful panther. Her blood grew thick and heavy, and the throbbing between her thighs raged. The real problem revolved around one simple, plain fact.

     She was dying to kiss Aidan O’Connor.

     Just once.

     The tiny voice inside her flared to life and whispered a warning.: One kiss will never be enough. Not from this man. Not with the way you already feel about him.

     God, she didn’t want to listen to reason right now.

     Harper tilted her head. “True. If the kiss fails, we can get back to work without all this bullshit. Move on and focus on the real relationship here.”

     “Phoenix,” he said.

     “Exactly. Can you promise one thing?”

     He took a few more steps. His scent wrapped around her like a silken cloud, spicy and clean and addicting. The leashed heat from his body practically ripped a purr from her throat. She curled her fingers, digging her nails into her palms to try and hold back from jumping into his arms.

     “What do you need me to promise, love?”

     A shiver worked down her spine. She imagined that lilting brogue whispering dirty commands in her ear while he thrust deep inside her. “If the kiss sucks, no hurt feelings. We move on and don’t talk about it. I can’t take any weirdness between us.”

     “Agreed. I hate weird.”

     He was right there, face close, inches from her body. The last time he was this close, he was angry. This time, his eyes crackled with hunger. His powerful thighs braced hers, and when he leaned in, his hard erection pressed against the seam of his jeans so she felt every glorious inch of promise. She licked her lips in anticipation, and slowly raised her arms to hook around his shoulders.

     “Just once,” she whispered in warning.

     He cupped her cheeks with rough, calloused palms. His amber gaze locked on hers. “Yes.”

     “We’ll get it out of our system and move on.”




     His mouth closed over hers.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She holds a masters in English Literature and lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Her family keeps her active, stressed,  joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean. Her passions include horse racing, Scrabble, rescue dogs, Italian food, and wine—not necessarily in that order.

She is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bargain, spent 26 weeks on the New York Times. Her work has been translated in over a dozen countries, sold over a million copies, and was dubbed a “romance phenom” by Kirkus Reviews. She is also a proud three-time RITA finalist.

She loves hearing from readers. Visit her website for updates on new releases and her street team at

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Blog Tour: Wait For Me by K.L. Grayson

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Wait For Me by K.L. Grayson

Release Date: July 23, 2019


Wait for Me, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by USA Today bestselling author K.L. Grayson.

My life is a mess. Literally.

I’m a single dad, which means If I’m not cleaning up spilled milk or changing a diaper, I’m pulling gum from my daughter’s hair. I barely have enough time to eat—let alone sleep.

And women? Forget about it. That ship sailed two years ago along with my ex-wife. My brother says I need to get laid. I say, screw that. I’m content with my life, until pop star Nora Hayes walks through my best friend’s front door and flips my world upside down. 

She’s beautiful, famous, and completely off limits. 

My life is a headline waiting to happen. Literally.

It all started with fishnet stockings and ended with a baseball bat to boyfriend’s Porsche, putting me on the front page of every newspaper and gossip magazine in the country. 

My life is spiraling out of control and I’m ready to make some serious changes. What I’m not ready for is a hunky man to strut his jean clad tush into my life. Grayson Calhoun is as rugged as he is sweet. He’s also way in over his head with his kids, and I have an offer I’m hoping he can’t refuse. 

What starts as an agreement, turns to a friendship, and quickly escalates to stolen kisses and heated nights spent wrapped in each other’s arms. What we have is temporary. I promise him that I won’t fall in love.

But I make that promise already knowing it’s a lie.

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     What is all of this?” she asks, flipping through the pages of my chicken scratch.

     “Ideas from Marnie.”

     “Who’s Marnie?”

     “The manager I spoke with. Keep up, Jessa.”

     “Sorry. Tell me about her.”

     “There isn’t much to tell. She was nice. We talked about what went wrong with Becky, where my career has been, and the direction I want to take it. And get this, she outlined a plan for making it happen. We video conferenced for almost three hours, and I’m really impressed with her.”

     “So, what happens now?”

     “I told her I’m not ready to go back to LA, and she agreed. I’m going to spend the summer working on some of my own songs for the next album. She’s going to talk with the music execs and make sure they’re on the same page as us.”

     “And if they’re not?”

     “Then we’ll go somewhere else. They aren’t the only label in town. Anyway, Marnie thinks it’s a good idea to lay low after what happened with Todd—let the media interest die down while she works on putting our plan in motion, and when I go to Todd’s premiere, Marnie and I will meet in person.” 

     “You still have to go to Todd’s premiere?”

     I groan and drop onto the bed beside Jessa. “Unfortunately.”

     “That sucks.”

     “It is what it is. I shouldn’t have bashed the hell out of his Porsche or stolen his BMW, although it felt great. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll beat up the guy, not the car.”

     “Let’s hope there isn’t a next time. I thought your brother was going to lose his mind when you called and told us what happened. He was ready to hop a plane and hunt Todd down.”

     I smile at the thought. Nick isn’t a fighter, but I know he’d go head to head if it meant protecting Jessa or me. “Thank you again for letting me crash here.”

     “Stop thanking us. You’re family. This is your home too.”

     I rest my hand on hers and squeeze it gently. “Love you, Jessa.”

     “I hate to break up the chick fest,” Nick says, appearing in the doorway, “but I’m starving.”

    “What are you doing home from work?” I ask.

     “Didn’t you hear me? I’m starving. I was hoping one of you would make me lunch.”

     I give Jessa a nudge. “He’s your husband.”

     Nick holds out his hand and pulls Jessa into his arms. The way they look at each other, with stars in their eyes, is absolutely adorable, and also a little disgusting.

     They kiss, and Jessa melts. I want what they have.

     When Nick deepens the kiss, I throw a pillow at their heads.

     “Can you take that into another room, please?”

     The two lovebirds laugh and stumble out, but the giggling doesn’t stop. I hear another door shut and then a thump, followed by a moan. I cover my ears and flop back on the bed.

     This is going to be a long summer.

About K.L. Grayson

K.L. Grayson resides in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO. She is entertained

daily by her extraordinary husband, who will forever inspire every good quality she

writes in a man. Her entire life rests in the palms of six dirty little hands, and when the

day is over and those pint-sized cherubs have been washed and tucked into bed, you can find her typing away furiously on her computer. She has a love for alpha-males,

brownies, reading, tattoos, sunglasses, and happy endings…and not particularly in that


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Blog Tour: Bodyguard to the Billionaire by Nana Malone

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Bodyguard to the Billionaire by Nana Malone

Release Date: July 23, 2019

Copy of Cover.jpg

Bodyguard to the Billionaire, an all-new contemporary romance by Nana Malone.

Derrick Arlington is one of the world’s most eligible billionaires. Voted Sexiest Man Alive—two years running. 

And I just so happen to look exactly like him. 

It’s never come in handy until I get offered an actual job out of it.

It was supposed to be so simple.

Go to the Winston Isles, stand in as his body double for a few weeks, go back to my life.

But when our carefully constructed plan goes awry and the billionaire goes missing, I have no choice but to take his place and hire a bodyguard. The best in the business: a smart-mouthed, tight-assed, lady bodyguard.

Zia Barnes is the LAST thing I want, even if I need her. She’s determined, smart, and has no idea I’m a total imposter.

Good thing I have no intention on falling for her, or I’d be royally screwed.

BTTB - AN.jpg

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     “Get rid of her, or she comes with us.”

     “I’m not going anywhere, buddy.” I jabbed him in the chest in an attempt to create more space. In close combat with this guy, I’d lose. Sure, I was faster and nimbler. But one good hit and I’d be down. 

     His sharp, slashing brows drew down. “Suit yourself. I know what to do with someone like you.”

     I’d bet he did. And none of those things included me sleeping in my warm cozy bed tonight. “Babe, come on the royal family wants a photo.”

     Gray Eyes arched a brow. “Darling, you go ahead I’ll meet you there.” His voice was sin and bad decisions mixed together.

     I stood my ground. Now was no time for him to be noble. “Oh, I know King Sebastian insists.”

     “I’ll have to pass, love.”

     “Yeah, you heard him, he’ll have to —”

     He was talking and also raising his right arm. All I saw was the black gleam, and I acted, launching myself in the air and slamming against Gray Eyes. Toppling him over and covering his body with mine, tranq gun raised. 

     Wasting no time, I squeezed twice. The asshole about to shoot at us was big. Who knew if two doses would be enough? But I was prepared to run.

     The muscle-bound brute fell to his knees. I rolled on my back, ready for anything.

     But I didn’t need to worry. Two hits with the tranq had done the job.

     I sucked in a shuddering breath. 

     When I turned to my bed of muscles, he was glaring at me. “Do you have a bloody death wish?”

     His voice had lost some of the sin quality. It was colder, like he was pissed.

     I pushed to my feet. “What? You wanted me to let you go with that asshole? He was going to kill you.”

     “I promise you, I’m quite capable.”

     Unbelievable. “You could have fooled me. Men wielding weapons and shoving you into a car are generally bad news.”

     His gaze narrowed as he glowered at me. “I had it under control.”

     I crossed my arms. “Oh, so you’re delusional. Okay then. Goodbye, crazy. And P.S. You’re welcome.”

     “You generally only say thank you when you’re glad someone did something.”

     I shook my head. “For fuck’s sake. Next time I’ll let you die then. Pity. You look expensive, like someone would miss you, but it’s no skin off my back. I’ll just let the homicidal asshole kill you when he wakes up.”

     “You could have been hurt. Did you pay attention to what just happened?”

     “You mean besides me putting on a display of badassery the likes of which you’ve never seen? I also made this couture look damn good. Oh yes… and saved your ass.”

     “My ass didn’t need saving, princess.”

     “I’m not a princess, asshole. I’m a King’s Knight. I don’t need anybody to save me. Have a nice life.” As I strutted off, I flipped him the bird.

About Nana:

USA Today Best Seller, Nana Malone’s love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she “borrowed” from her cousin. 

It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, in the meantime Nana works out her drama, passion, and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is.

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Blog Tour: Call of Night by Emily Goodwin

CON - BT banner.jpg

Call of Night by Emily Goodwin

Release Date: July 22, 2019

Copy of cover.jpeg

Call of Night, Book #3 in the paranormal romance Thorne Hill series by Emily Goodwin.

True love never dies.

Not even when those around me are trying to kill it. With vampire bounty hunters still out for me, having the Grand Coven accuse me of treason against witches is the last thing I need. No one should tell me who I can and cannot love.

Determined not to let anyone or anything get in our way, Lucas and I decide to lay low for a while and let everything blow over with my coven while Lucas hunts for the vampires who tried to kidnap me. But things, of course, don’t go according to plan, and when I stumble upon an ancient evil force hiding out in the underground of Chicago, we realize our forbidden romance is the least of our worries.

As we search for a way to defeat unbeatable odds, I start to discover that things aren’t what they seem…including my very existence.

AN FB.jpg

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Blog Tour-2.jpg

     I’m on my second glass of wine when Lucas pulls into the driveway. He parks his black Mercedes in the driveway and gets out, moving with vampire speed up to the front porch.

     “What’s that smell?” he asks, making a face. 

     “Lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus oil.” I motion to the diffuser I have on the porch next to me. “It keeps mosquitoes away. You don’t like it?”

     “It’s very strong.”

     I look into my wine glass for bugs. I don’t see any, and I’m getting tipsy enough not to care as long as I drink them down fast enough. Finishing the last bit of wine, I set my glass down and get up. “Who has a stronger sense of smell: a vampire or a German Shepherd.”

     “The dog, thankfully.”


     “Yes, though really, I’m glad. The world smells enough as it is.”

     “True, and I’m glad too because I do human things in the bathroom occasionally.”

     Lucas laughs. “I know you’re alive, my love.” He picks me up and kisses me, pressing my back against the front door. I called him when the trial was over, letting him know to come over and not to worry about finding BBQ Callie in the yard. Then I hung up and started drinking away my problems.

     It’s a terrible coping mechanism, and one that I started way too young. We all have our vices, and I know this will catch up to me sooner or later. 

     “How drunk do I have to be for you to get drunk too?”  I ask between kisses.

     “It depends.” Lucas draws his fangs and grazes them over my flesh.

     “On what?”

     “On how much I take from you.” He stops kissing me and looks in my eyes. “I won’t take too much. I love you, Callie Martin, and I will never hurt you.”



     “It’s my middle name. Callista Anne Martin.”

     “Martin is your father’s last name.”

     “I know.” I feel like I weigh nothing at all as Lucas easily holds me up. “But it’s mine too.”

     “For now.” Lucas doesn’t give me a second to think. He kisses me hard again, tongue entering my mouth. Heat rushes through me and I don’t have time to process what he just said.

     “Let’s go inside.” I grab the hem of his shirt and inch it up. No one from the coven has reason to go by my house tonight, and it’s far enough away from the road it would be impossible to sense that Lucas was a vampire even if someone did drive by. Still…fuck. I hate this.

     Moving with vampire speed, Lucas carries me in and lays me down on the couch. I curl my legs up around him and we go right back to where we left off.

     “I should…” I start, trailing off as Lucas bunches up my dress. “Put an extra—ohhh.” He slides his hand up my thigh and sweeps his fingers over my clit. “Wa..warding on…on…the house.”

     “Are you expecting more demons?” His fingers slip under my panties. “I’ll kill them just for interrupting us.”

     “Not demons, but witches.”

     Lucas stops stroking me. “Why are you warding against witches?”

     My eyes fall shut and suddenly I can’t breathe. Lucas moves off of me and I get up, going into the kitchen for more wine.

     “I thought the trial went well.” Lucas watches me forgo a wine glass and put the bottle to my lips. “Yet you’re drinking like you want to forget something.”


About Emily: 

Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters. 

She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends. 

Emily is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency. 

Connect with Emily: